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Accepting New Customers!

You probably haven’t heard of us. There’s a reason for that. Demand for our tooling has kept us from accepting any new customers the past few years.

What kind of tool and die shop can afford to turn away customers in this economy? The kind that provides tooling that can’t be beat when it comes to quality. The kind that can work with the toughest materials to grind and machine. The kind that ensures each order that goes out the door is perfect and exactly what you want. Comp Precision Tooling is that kind of tool and die shop.

So why are we opening the doors to new customers? That’s simple. Our company has continued to grow despite the economy and can handle even more work now. All those new machines weren’t meant to sit around and collect dust. Let us put them to work for you.

Using our tooling is a breeze. It fits right every time. There is no “modifying” it with a hammer to make it fit. When your stamping operation is running smoothly life is good and so are the paydays. You already know that though.

When your business can’t afford down time, you can’t afford to trust anyone but Comp Precision Tooling with your precision tool and die needs. That’s why major corporations that rely on stamping rely on us and our tooling. One of the biggest names in the electrical stamping industry has been using our tooling for nearly 15 years and continues to order more.

Comp Precision Tooling has been a very reliable and consistent supplier of precision grinding and tooling services. Thanks to their creative ideas and suggestions, we have experienced a substantial quality and yield improvement on metal parts. In addition, we have longer production runs between scheduled tool maintenance. This all adds up to improved profitability.

Bob S. – Pennsylvania

I’ve sent numerous projects to Comp Precision Tooling over the past 10 years. Brian has always gone above and beyond my expectations of design and building for all our tooling needs. We have never had any problems on extended runs of hundreds of thousands of hits. I consider myself lucky to have Comp Precision Tooling to help with all of our tooling needs.

Don W. – Pennsylvania

Comp Precision Tooling has supplied us with quality spare tooling over the years and has also helped with ingenious ways of manufacturing parts. We have achieved higher strokes per minute with improved quality and longer run times. With Comp Precision’s vast knowledge of stamping they are a priceless resource to have.

Tim D. – Nebraska

Founded in 1998 by master toolmaker Brian Comp Sr., Comp Precision Tooling Inc. is a business that was built by meeting and exceeding each customer’s needs. Today the business is still American owned and operated by Brian. With over 27 years of experience ensuring the quality of every order, you can rest easy knowing that your parts will be made as quickly as possible and for a reasonable price. That price seems even better once you see how long our tooling lasts, not to mention it’s always to spec.

Comp Precision Tooling specializes in:

  •  Carbide grinding
  •  Steel and powdered metal grinding and machining
  •  Short run machining
  •  Die components
  •  Shim and punch sets
  •  Small die building, maintenance, and repair
  •  Prototype development
  •  Non-ferrous machining

We work with a wide range of materials including carbide, powdered metals, many kinds of steel, and non-ferrous materials such as aluminum and plastics. Whether your industry is gas and oil, electrical, electronic, mining, automotive, alternative energy, aerospace, medical, or anything else we can help you.

To this day Comp Precision Tooling specializes in tooling for stamping and forming. Whether you need 1 part or 100 parts a month for the next 10 years, we would be happy to do business with you. You can provide us with a print, or we can develop specialized tooling for you. From prototypes to special fixtures to multiple piece orders, you can count on us.

You want your tooling made right the first time. You want your order to be made from the best materials available. You also want something reasonably priced. You want your parts to be made at Comp Precision Tooling.

There is no guarantee as to how long we will accept new customers. We may accept 10, we may only accept 1. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. If you’re serious about your business request a quote today.

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